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Opposing Forces and Positioning of the Troops

The British Army

To wage battle, Murray could count on only 3,400 men. Nearly half of his garrison was ill. The winter in town had been very harsh and several men had died of scurvy. Moreover, following the September 13 victory, the Louisbourg Grenadiers had left Québec to rejoin their regiments. It was thus with a force that was cut back even more that Wolfe's, and without naval support, that Murray tried to hold on to the city140.

British Forces on the Battlefield on April 28, 1760


  British Forces
Regular troops 3,065
Rangers 78
Volunteers 110
Royal Artillery 116
Total   3,369


Source :

André Charbonneau, « Québec, ville assiégée », Dans Serge Bernier et al. Québec, ville militaire (1608-2008), Montréal: Art Global, 2008, p. 144.

The British General deployed his troops as follows (south to north):

  • Rangers
  • 28th Regiment
  • 78th Regiment
  • 47th Regiment
  • 43rd Regiment
  • 2nd Battalion 60th Regiment
  • 58th Regiment
  • 15th Regiment
  • 48th Regiment
  • Light Infantry

Reserve :

  • 3rd Battalion 60th Regiment
  • 35th Regiment 141

Source : Stuart Reid, Quebec 1759: the battle that won Canada, Oxford: Osprey, 2003, p. 86-87.

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