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Plains of Abraham





Positioning of the French Troops

In early September, Bougainville was in charge of all the troops positioned west of the town. Among them were Captain Vergor's men, approximately one hundred of them, positioned at the top of the cliff overlooking Anse-au-Foulon108. The Colonel also had on hand a mobile detachment of over 1,000 men, including Grenadiers from every company of the five regiments, the cavalry, militiamen and Amerindians, which formed a so-called elite corps with the mission to follow the movements of enemy ships and thwart any landing upstream. It would not be easy: the many troop movements of the British in early September greatly complicated strategic planning for the French military staff.

Montcalm was also concerned about his communication line with the west. This is why, on September 5, he reinforced the Bougainville detachment by placing the Régiment de Guyenne under its command. The men were camping on the heights of Abraham at the top of the cliff overhanging Anse-au-Foulon. For Bougainville, the orders were clear: the soldiers must be used only if he really needed them, otherwise they should be prepared to return to Beauport in the event of an attack. The next day, September 6, the strategy had changed: the regiment was recalled and had to return to camp on the St. Charles River.