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Plains of Abraham




The two armies face each other

Positioning of the Troops The British Army

Following a successful landing at Anse-au-Foulon, Wolfe positioned himself on the Plains. In order to prevent an attack from Bougainville, he first sent men from the 58th Regiment to occupy the farmhouses bordering the chemin Saint-Louis towards Sillery. Subsequently, he reconnoitred the terrain and positioned his men west of Buttes-à-Neveu, and formed his lines so as to occupy the entire Québec promontory. This is how he deployed his forces:

  • the right (opposite the cliff):
    • 35th Regiment
  • the centre (the main line):
    • Louisbourg Grenadiers
    • 28th Regiment
    • 43rd Regiment
    • 47th Regiment
    • 78th Regiment
    • 58th Regiment
  • the left (positioned opposite the chemin Sainte-Foy):
    • 15th Regiment
    • 2nd Battalion 60th Regiment
    • 3rd Battalion 60th Regiment
  • the reserve (currently occupied by Des Érables Street):
    •  48th Regiment
  • the rear:
    • Light Infantry116