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Opposing Forces and Positioning of the Troops

The French Army

Lévis had over 7,000 men, half of which were regular soldiers, while the rest included militiamen and Amerindians137. This force was much greater in numbers and in quality than the force Montcalm had commanded on September 13138. Nevertheless, it had been weakened by a lack of provisions and ammunitions.

French Forces on the Battlefield on April 28, 1760


  French Forces
Land troops 3,212
Troupes de la Marine 928
Militiamen 2,751
Amerindians 270
Total   7,161


Source :

André Charbonneau, « Québec, ville assiégée », Dans Serge Bernier et al. Québec, ville militaire (1608-2008), Montréal: Art Global, 2008, p. 143-144.

Lévis deployed his troops as follows:

  • Right Brigade:
    • Royal-Roussillon
    • Guyenne
  • 2nd Right Brigade:
    • La Reine
    • Languedoc
  • Centre Brigade:
    • Compagnies de la Marine
  • 2nd Left Brigade:
    • Berry
  • Left Brigade:
    • La Sarre
    • Béarn
  • Réserve:
    • Montreal and Québec Militia 139

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