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Plains of Abraham




The two armies face each other

Positioning of the troops The French Army

On the French side, the troops left Beauport around 6:45 a.m. and marched towards the Plains. Once on the battlefield, Montcalm deployed his men facing the British Army:


  • The right:

secured by militiamen from Montreal and Québec;

  • The centre:

the La Sarre, Languedoc and Béarn regiments made up the centre of the defence;

  • The left:

it was defended by the Royal-Roussillon and Guyenne regiments, the Trois-Rivières Militia, and part of the Montreal Militia.117

To this formation can be added the Amerindians, who were ambushed in wooded areas with militiamen on either side of the promontory. During the few hours preceding the battle they kept hassling the British soldiers118.